Moores Turf & Topsoil Ltd

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Turf:- Amenity, seed grown, weed treated & fertilised


Topsoil:- 12mm, suitable for general use eg.under turf, planters, flower beds etc.

               8mm, a finer grade of soil for top dressings etc.


Recycled aggregates:- Crushed Concrete, a good alternative sub-base.

                                            Recycled Type 1, as above but finer.


Aggregates:- 10mm Ballast.

                    20mm Ballast.

                    Sharp Washed Sand.

                    Building Sand (Charing).

                    10mm Silver Shingle.

                    20mm Silver Shingle.

                    40mm Silver Shingle.

                           Type 1 Sub-base.


Bark:- Contract Ornamental Bark, excellent for weed suppression on beds.


Compost:- Spent Mushroom Compost, a useful soil conditioner & mulch, it is

                alkaline in nature so avoid using it around ericaceous (acid-loving)

                plants but good for vegetable plots & ornamental gardens.


                Greenwaste Compost & soil conditioner, composted garden waste etc.


Bulk Bags:- Topsoil, All Aggregates, Bark, Mushroom & Greenwaste Compost

                  can all be supplied in our bulk bags for delivery or collection.